Get More Value
With Less Funds.


Acquire More With Less

Property Developments and Investments


Our construction innovation and use of construction data insights helps us do more with less funds, and means more value for you.

Finouse is an infrastructure investment company that uses data insights and innovative construction technologies to lower construction costs and increase profitability of real estate investments. We execute construction of off-plan developments for intending home owners, property developments financed via equity investments, and construction development technical partnerships for our real estate partners.

Either off-plan or outright sales developments, our housing units come at unbelievable prices, with remarkable features, and are of the highest quality and safety standards. It doesn’t get better than we offer.

Earn 25% ROI in 4-6 months. Invested funds are real estate backed, are safe and guaranteed. Investors have access to all data insights influencing our housing decisions, construction costs, sales and more.

We save you 30% on your current construction cost, we complete our projects twice as fast as your typical project duration, delivery period, and we take 100% of the stress of you, while the quality stays the same.