About Finouse.


We believe affordable or mass housing shouldn’t mean poor quality housing. By connecting the dots we have unlocked opportunities that makes low-cost housing achievable. To achieve this we had to change the way we think about housing data, construction process and housing capital. 

We believe in an insights “open real estate market’ with more information available for people investing in real estate sector, thereby minimizing risks, and increasing profitability and value.

What we have done is not just make it easier for people to invest in real estate, it’s intelligent investing at our investors fingertips. Nigeria currently has a housing deficit of 17 million units. In a global village, Finouse makes it possible for equity investors from any part of the world to discover where Nigeria’s real estate potentials are and make investments.

We will open up the real estate investment opportunities in the developing countries to the world. Ensuring there is a flow of capital from those who have it to those who need it.