30% Cheaper
2x Faster
Same Quality


Build Responsibly

We both know that the construction process can be cumbersome; having to source for funds and manage funds, source for vendors and manage vendors, source for workers and manage workers; while still having to sell the apartment units when all is done.

If you care about decreasing cost and increasing quality. We can save you up to 30% on your current structural costs. I mean if you are spending as much as 10million on the building structure we can save you up to 3million naira), and you know, less costs means more profit margins for you.


Team Footprint

Project team have worked with clients like GTBank, Etisalat, Globacom, Smart Homes

Foundation Engineering, Residential Housing, Steel Design/Construction, Proprietary Construction Software Development, Renewable Energy, Formwork Systems, Shipping Container Architecture, and more.

$ 4.8 M
Value of projects
Projects executed
1 yrs
Combined experience

What We Do



Foundation Engineering


Cast In-situ, Modular, Precast, Steel


Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing 


Fittings, Surfaces, Openings

How We Work.

If you are working on a new or existing project, send us your drawings and we will show you how you can make cost savings on your existing designs using our model.

Our team can work with you from any stage, though the earlier we are involved the more costs we can save you. Once we get your designs, we run parametric estimates for the quote based on the project scope. From our quote you can already see the cost benefits. We execute and guarantee the core construction process, so you can run a real estate company without the construction management drama.