Make Real money
while you sleep.


More Profits, Less Risk

Property Investments


Finouse is a real estate investment company where you invest as little as N30,000 and earn passive income up to 25% in as little as 6 months.

Investment companies and major real estate companies have been taking advantage of these opportunities for years, now we’re leveling the playing field for individual investors, and making commercial real estate investing available to you. Each project is carefully handpicked and proactively developed with innovative technology to execute real estate projects at lower costs and more profit margins. Intelligent investing for people who refuse to settle for average returns & who are ready to change their future and grow their net worth.

You earn 25% on each project in as little as 4-6 months. You can reinvest in several projects in a year and earn over 50% returns annually

Invested funds are backed with real estate, and the projects are insured. Your funds are safe and guaranteed

As an investor you have access to all data and insights influencing our development decisions, construction costs, sales and more. You are involved