How It Works.

Finouse is an infrastructure startup that uses innovative construction technologies to build quality homes at 40% less. This is achieved through big data analysis, construction technology innovation and equity investments.

More profits, less risks.

The Finouse Process

Big Data Analysis

Our proprietary technology focuses on using big data to review hundreds of thousands of real estate data. From the data we determine patterns that identifies optimal locations for real estate investments that will lead to the best return on investments.

Property Development Proposal

We run a manual review of the house-spots. House-spots with low risks and high profitability are developed into a real estate development proposal.

Equity Investments

Through crowdfunding, we fund the selected property developments and form SPVs for the investors. We fund property developments in these property hotspots through equity investors. It his low risk and has higher margins. Equity investors can invest as low as $100 backed by real assets.


Our construction technology reduces the cost of this proposed property developments by introducing more innovative construction technologies in materials and processes. The affordable housing is achievable through reduction of wastages and redundancy.

Profit Sharing

We obtain profits through sales, rentals, short-lets or leases. Investors have more profit margins and diversify wealth in a low risk asset backed investment. Investors get as much as 25% ROI in 6 months.


Investors can reinvest their money.