Our lead investment offering

12 units of 2-Bedroom Duplexes

Up to 0 % ROI

Property location – Lekki Phase 1

Construction duration – 6 months

Construction Cost – 204 million

Cost per 2-bed duplex – 17 million

Return on investment – 25 to 45%

Our new projects is the ‘Morire’ a carefully designed 12 units of 2 bedroom duplexes. It is developed 

with innovative construction technology to enable us execute world class real estate projects at

lower costs and make more profit margins for investors.

Why You Should Invest


+ We did diligent property location analysis to chose the location. It is one of the most profitable locations based on current and historical data.


+ In the proposed location, average rental for 2 bedroom apartment cost is , 1.8 million, average AirBnB cost per room is N21,000, average selling cost of 2-Bedroom apartment is N35million. 


+ For this project, sales value is uncapped, investors will decide the resale value.  However, we will recommend sales value for the apartments.


+ We are using innovative construction  systems to build. The quality is top notch and it also reduces our construction cost and makes room for higher profit.


+ Returns on investment are based on the amount you contributed. If you invest N1million and ROI is 40%, then you will have N1.4million in 6 months. 

How It Works

+Investors make fund commitments until total project fund is achieved.

+Register a SPV, comprising all investors as shareholders.

+Project account is created and investors deposit investments.

+Project is executed on time.

+Apartments are sold & profit shared.

+Investors can decide to re-invest.

Project Details


In the Building

+ 12 units of 2-bedroom Duplexes

+ Office on the pent floor

+ Open terrace on last floor


For each duplex

+ 2 car parking slots per duplex

+ 2 co-working spaces per duplex in the office on the pent floor In each duplex

+ Ground floor – Living room, kitchen, guest toilet

+ Top floor – 2 ensuite bedrooms 



+ All services ducts for plumbing, electricity, inverter/solar, internet and for future needs are already installed in walls

+ All walls are made from concrete, no blockwalls.

+ Soakaways/Septic tanks have built-in self recycling units. Generates biogas, and reduces cost of evacuating wastes.


Comes with al finishings and fittings, and ready to live.